Programme Outline
- Users of financial statements
- Content of financial statements
- The annual report - what it tells us
- Limitation of financial statements
- Relationship between various financial statements
- Importance of statement spreading in financial analysis
- Analysis of financial statements
. . . Profit & Loss statement
. . . Balance Sheet
. . . Cash flow statement
- Analysing key financial indicators
- Assessment of management efficiency
- The concept of time value of money
- Discounting future cash flows

Duration: 1 day

Details of Training Solutions
Our key trainers and facilitators
Articles of interest
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Financial Statement Analysis (M100a)

Programme Benefits
Participants will gain insight and be able to determine the financial position and future
directions of a company by extracting relevant information from the various sections of its
annual report.

Programme Highlights
- Learn the importance of account classification and spreading of financial statements.
- Look behind the numbers in the financial statements to reveal the true financial position.
- Uncover the wealth of information provided by the notes to the accounts.
- Learn how to project a company's future financial position by analysing the past.

Target Audience
For staff with accounting knowledge who needs to analyse credit or staff engaged in front
line lending activities.