How Analyse Credit Risks and Write A Good Credit Proposal (M101)

Programme Benefits
- Focus on key financial concepts in understanding corporate financial statements
- Uncover the elements of a good credit proposal
- Avoid financial losses by adopting a comprehensive credit evaluation framework
- Reconstructing the borrower's financial statement for analysis
- Learn how to evaluate the financial risks of a borrower
- Determine key performance and solvency status of borrowers
- Learn how to construct financial projections and forecasts

Programme Outline
Understanding What The Financial Statements Tell Us
- Impact of accounting concepts on financial statements
- Organization and content of balance sheet
- Organization and content of profit & loss statement
- Accounting methods & impact on financial statements
- Organization and content of cash flow statement
- Inter-relationship between financial statements

Elements of a Good Credit Proposal
- Key components of a good credit proposal
- Tools to structure the credit proposal
- What credit approvers looks for

Credit Risk Assessment
- Credit evaluation framework
- Purpose of loan
- Sources of payment
- Viability of borrower

Reconstructing a Borrower's Financial Statement

Financial Analysis - detecting vulnerabilities
- Performance & profitability analysis
- Short-term liquidity analysis
- Capital structure analysis

Financial Forecasting
- Information building blocks
- Key considerations in projecting
. . . Profit & loss statement
. . . Balance sheet
. . . Cashflow statements

Duration: 3 Days

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