Project Financing - Cashflow Evaluation and Risks Mitigation (M103)

Programme Benefits
- Gain in-depth understanding of what project finance encompass
- Reduce lending risks through various project finance structures
- Avoid financial losses through cash flow analysis
- Use spreadsheets to create and model sensitivity analysis
- Determine the optimal investment decisions
- Discover the project finance rating methodology of rating agencies
- Adopt key financial metrics to measure project risks

Programme Outline
Overview of Project Finance
- Types of project finance
- Characteristics of project finance
- Inter linkage of the various parties in a project finance
- Know how key relationships mitigates risks
- Key contract terms in various project finance agreement
- Understanding the various phases of project finance

Analysis of Project Risks
- Identifying various project finance risks
- Typical project finance structure
- Mitigating risks through Export Credit Agencies
- Understanding some specialised project finance structure
- Understanding the rating methodologies used by leading rating agencies

Cash Flow Assessment in Project Finance
- Determining The Project's Profitability -Decision Tools:
- Methods of Cash Flow Assessment
. . . DCF & Non DCF methods
. . . Time Value Concepts
. . . Determining the value of cash flows over several periods
. . . Understand how to apply weighted average cost of capital
. . . Financial functions
. . . Seven key steps in analysing cash flow

Scenario Analysis Tools Used In Financial Projections
- Developing a multi-variable table for analysis
- Sensitivity analysis

Further Risk Mitigating Tools
- Key financial metrics used in analysing project finance
- Using reserve accounts to mitigate risks
- Applying the cashflow cascade in loan agreements

Duration : 3 days

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