Programme Outline
Examining The Risks Of International Trade Finance

Impact of International Commercial Terms And The Related Financial Risks

Risks of Various Payment Terms Used in International Trade
- Open account
- Cash in advance
- DP / DA

Documentary Credit - Risk Mitigation in International Trade
- Parties to a LC
- Role & Considerations of banks
- Mitigating risks using different types of LCs
. . . Sight / usance LCs
. . . UPAS LCs
. . . Confirmed LC
. . . Transferable LCs
. . . Back to back LCs
. . . Red clause LCs
. . . Green clause LCs
- How parties were cheated under LCs
- Common discrepancies found under LCs

Leveraging Bonds and Guarantees To Support A Project
- Characteristics of different types of bonds
- When should one use a SBLC v.s. a bank guarantee

Supply Chain Financing
- Supply chain financing models
- Why is supply chain financing different

Determining The Amount Of Working Capital A Business Needs
- How much working capital is required
- Oprimisation of working capital in a business

How Banks Structure Trade Lines To Mitigate Credit Rrisks
- Structuring import lines by banks
- Structuring export lines by banks
- Determining the LC requirements of a business
- Structuring Foreign Exchange lines to hedge currency risks
. . . Import FX
. . . Export FX
- Structuring Trade Facilities Based on Client's Risks and Method of Payment
- Types of import financing
- Types of export financing
- Mitigating import financing risks

Introduction To Structured Trade and Commodity Financing
- What is structured trade and commodity financing?
- Why is structured trade financing required?
- Mitigating Transaction Risks - Commodity Financing Models

Course Duration: 3 Days
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Trade Finance And Introduction to Supply Chain, Structured Trade &
Commodity Financing

Programme Benefits
- Learn the impact of INCOTERMS and its implication to the trading parties.
- Understand what risks each parties face under the various commercial terms.
- Gain working knowledge of various payment terms
- Understand what is Transferable, Red Clause, Green Clause & UPAS LCs.
- Learn how to increase your business safely through Supply Chain Financing.
- Determine exactly how much working capital a business needs.
- Gain insight into how banks structure trade finance lines to mitigate risks.
- Be introduced to structured trade & commodity financing