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Understanding The Legal Aspects of Lending

Programme Benefits
- Understand the types of security and collateral support available and related risks.
- Establish the adequacy of collateral.
- Understand key components of loan agreements and its implication to lenders.
- Learn how to review adequacy of loan documents using a review template.
- Use loan covenants to mitigate lending risks.

Programme Outline
Types of Common Security Taken
- Lending implications

Security Analysis
- Elements of Good Collateral
- Security Appropriate to the Facility Granted
- Valuation of Security
- Security Coverage
- Ranking in Distribution of Realization Proceeds

Methods of Taking Security and Key Legal Implication
- Fixed Charge
- Floating Charge
- Pledge
- Assignment
- Mortgage
- Verification of Security Taken

Types of Credit Support
- Guarantees
- Indemnities
- Letter of Comfort
- Negative Pledge
- Insurance Policies

Understanding Key Components of a Loan Agreement

Loan Covenants and Support

Duration: 1 Day