Key Aspects of Wealth Management

Programme Benefits
- Learn To Meet The Needs of Clients and To Grow Your Business
- Understand How to Protect One's Wealth
- Uncover The Crucial Steps To Effective Wealth Maintenance
- Know How Wealth Accumulation Can Be Achieved / Enhanced
- Apply Optimal Wealth Distribution Methods To Chosen Parties

Programme Outline
- What Is Wealth Management And Why It Is Important To Everyone
- Discover Various Key Aspects Of Wealth Management

Protecting One's Wealth
- Understanding The Risks That One Is Exposed To
- Key Risk Management Concepts
- Concept Of Insurance
- Maximising Benefits Of Different Life Insurance
- Provisions Of Life Insurance Policies
- What Protection Can Other Types Of Insurance Provide
- How Insurance Premiums Are Computed

Crucial Steps To Effective Wealth Maintenance
- Cashflow Planning Without Tears
- Importance Of Liability Management
- Personal Financial Ratio Analysis
- Plan For A Achievable Budget
- Debt Financing - Benefits And Pitfalls
- Leveraging On Types Of Credit Available
- Impact Of Personal Bankruptcy
- Tax Planning (Very Dependant On Loan Rules / Laws)

How Wealth Accumulation Can Be Achieved / Enhanced
- Understand The Importance Of "Time Value Of Money"
- Investment Concepts In The Current Environment
- Investment Analysis To Enhance Your Wealth
- Building Blocks In Investments

Maximising Wealth Distribution To Chosen Parties
- Using Estate Planning To Maximise Wealth Distribution And Retention
- Trusts And Section 73 Of Conveyancing And Law Of Property Act
- Applying Estate Planning Tools

Duration : 2 Days

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