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Dynamic Presentation Skills (MP 102)

Programme Highlights
- Preparing a great presentation using a simple, but highly effective framework
- Learning how to prepare effective notes.
- How to create enthusiasm and interest in the audience.
- Overcoming your anxieties.
- Organizing your environment for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
- Managing Question & Answer sessions

Target Audience
For anyone who needs to make a dynamic presentation.

Programme Outline
- Goals and objectives of a Superb Presentation
- How to make your listener feel safe and secure

- Before you commence preparation
- Presentation Framework

Effective Delivery Skills
- Delivery Structure
- Creating a strong presence with techniques for effective delivery
- Verbal and non-verbal skills
- Use of visual aids to assist in the presentation
- Techniques to aid audience recall
- Common mistakes

How To Be Confident When Dealing With Large Audiences

Organising The Environment to Create an Impact
- Visuals
- Positioning & Layout
- Handouts

How to obtain Feedbacks and Handle Difficult Questions
- Soliciting feedback
- Managing the Q&A session
- Dealing with difficult questions

Duration: 1 day