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Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing

Programme Benefits
- Be aware of the seriousness of money laundering & terrorist financing.
- Understand and comply with the requirements laid down by the regulators.
- Identify customers as required by the regulators?
- Identify various types of Suspicious Transactions
- Prevent attempts by parties to launder money through the organisation

Programme Outline
Overview of Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Businesses Prone to Money Laundering

Anti-Terrorist Financing
- What constitute a Terrorist Act?
- Relationship Between Terrorism and Money Laundering
- Combating Terrorist Financing

Regulatory Framework / Guidance
- APG on Money Laundering
- Patriot Act
- Wolfsberg Statements / Principles
- MAS 626
- Confiscation of Benefits Act

Combating Money Laundering

Counter Terrorist Financing
- What Financial Institutions Must Not Do in Relation to Terrorist Financing

The Price of Non-Compliance

Introduction to Anti-Money Laundering systems
- Features
- Elements of the AML Rules Engine

Controls Implemented by Banks

International Survey on Banks AML Issues / Practices

Duration: 2 Days